What is Kindness???


Self – Care  – caring for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and socially through your words, actions and thoughts


Caring – Feeling and showing concerns for others


Compassion– Being aware when others are sick, sad, or hurt and wanting to help them.


Respect – Treating people, places and things with kindness



Helpful – assisting or serving in a kind way


Responsible -being reliable to do the things that are expected or required of you.


Perseverance – keep trying even when something is difficult, not giving up


Self- Discipline –  controlling what you do or say, so you don’t hurt yourself or others.



Assertiveness– standing up for yourself and what you believe in while being respectful of others.


Fairness– Treating people in a way that does not favor some over others


Integrity – Acting in a way you know to be right and kind in all situations


Gratitude – being thankful for and appreciating what you have and those around you.



Published by Monique

15 year old Author.

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