Kids are never to young to start random acts of kindness, as a parent its your duty to explain to them from a small age to do random acts of kindness and help others in need,
Keep your spare change in a piggy bank and when it is full, donate it to a cause or charity of your choice.

Throughout the day it is common to accrue spare change that usually ends up in the bottom of your pockets or handbag. At the end of every day gather your spare change and store it in a piggy bank or jar. A few coins here and there don t seem to be much, but overtime, it can really add up. When your piggy bank is full take the money and donate it to a good cause or charity organization. Each time you fill up your piggy bank you can choose a different group to support or just continue donating to the same cause. By collecting the coins overtime, it allows you to make a monetary donation without having to budget your finances. The best part is that people of all ages can participate in this project!

Charity organizations are often reliant on outside donations to fund their operations. The small act of collecting coins in a jar makes a big difference in someone else  life.

Kids can set up a piggy bank in their school or classroom and encourage other kids to donate spare change.

Don’t  have a favorite charity? You can always google local charity groups or hospitals

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