Acts of Kindness for Kids


Put change in a vending machine.
Hold the door open for someone.
Do a chore for someone without them knowing.
Tell a joke.
Return someone’s cart at the store.
Give candy to your bank teller.
Leave a letter in a library book.
Feed the birds.
Leave happy notes around town.
Put a small bin in your car to collect recycling.
Call your grandparents and ask them about their childhood.
Pick up litter.
Let someone go ahead of you in line.
Compliment a friend.
Wash someone’s car.
Write a thank you note for your mail carrier.
Plant something.
Bake dessert for a neighbor
Walk dogs at the animal shelter.
Check in on an elderly neighbor.
Set up a lemonade stand and donate the profits.
Send a card to a service member.
Bury treasure at the playground.
Set the table for dinner.
Leave bubbles on someone’s doorstep.
Put money on a stranger’s layaway bill.
Tell someone why they are special to you.
Donate outgrown clothes.
Buy a coffee for a stranger.
Pass out stickers to kids waiting in line.
Talk to someone new at school.
Write chalk messages on the sidewalk.
Weed or shovel for a neighbor.
Donate food to the food pantry.
Bring flowers to your teacher.
Tell a manager how good your service was.
Tape change to a parking meter.
Donate socks and supplies to the homeless shelter.
Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while to say hello.
Tape money for the ice cream truck to a friend’s front door.
Take treats to the fire station.
Read a book to someone.
Leave heads up pennies on the sidewalk.
Donate a book to a doctor’s office waiting room.
Tell someone how much you love them.
Say hello to everyone you see.
Make someone else’s bed.
Hold the door open for someone.
Wave at kids on school buses.
Sing songs at a nursing home.
Invite someone to play on the playground.
Tell the principal how great your teacher is.
Donate a toy to Toys for Tots.
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
Say thank you when you see service members.

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15 year old Author.

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