Educating the mind and heart 

Both the heart and the mind need educating, because both need to learn in order to be successful, compassionate, and happy in your life. If your mind is educated yet your heart is not then your education is not complete, and you are still missing out on important knowledge. Some of the wisest people through history were learned individuals with the necessary knowledge who also had an educated heart as well. Even the smartest person in the world needs an educated heart in order to have compassion for mankind, and to have sympathy and love on those who follow the wrong path or make choices which are not positive. Unless both the mind and the heart are educated together it is impossible to grow as a person and to better yourself in every way possible.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. If you have a past with someone who has hurt or betrayed you before then your mind has already realized that the person is not good for you but it may take some time for your heart to learn this lesson as well. Educating your heart means having compassion for everyone, not just friends and family members. When we learn how to love everyone in spite of their differences and we make an effort to reach out even to our greatest enemies then we have an educated heart and we are the person that we hope to be. It is easy to feel love towards a parent or sibling, but educating your heart to feel this emotion for others takes some practice. 

Published by Monique

15 year old Author.

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